Dr. Michele explains that an all-natural detox is the way to go, with no expensive supplements or pre-made foods to buy. All of the food is organic, natural (not processed), and homemade. Whole foods are talked about a lot today and for good reason. Dr. Michele only eats whole foods for a variety of reasons, and especially during the detoxes.

Dr. Michele also explains that participating in a detox such as the Yogidetox in a group of like-minded friends or colleagues is important for success. Trying to do it alone is difficult, and science backs that up. Working in groups yields a 77% success rate while going it alone is only 10% effective.

Dr. Michele also leads groups of her own clients through seasonal detoxes, and her fall detox is starting November 1st. It’s really a great time to do it, just before all of the holiday foods come out. We all know what happens during the holidays, so consider a short two or three week detox for yourself and your body before the extra holiday pounds start adding up.

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